Our Offers

S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. , – established in August 1991, a company with full private capital, having its headquarters in GAESTI, no. 23B, Nicolae Titulescu Str., Dâmboviţa county, is a manufacturer of PRODUCTS FOR THE WATER TREATMENT AND ANTICORROSION & ANTRCRUST PROTECTION AND FOR THE DISINFECTION OF THE SURFACES.

EDICHIM GĂEŞTI is specialised in the application of surface protection treatments against crust, corrosion and microbiology.

These products have been developed based on our own Invention Patents, following the long experience and the activity of research, development and production of our company.

Our products and treatment programs apply to all the categories of customers, both for industrial and for the personal use in the own husbandry, aiming to offer the best solution at the best price for a full satisfaction.

We have structured our offers in a way to provide an easy access of all the customers to what they wish.