S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L., – established in August 1991, a company with full private capital, having its headquarters at no. 23B, Nicolae Titulescu Str., GĂEŞTI, Dâmboviţa county, is a manufacturer of PRODUCTS FOR WATER TREATMENT AND SURFACE PROTECTION, CLEANING AND DISINFECTION.

These products were developed on the basis of our own Invention Patents, following a long experience and to the activity of research, development and production of our company.

EDICHIM GĂEŞTI is specialized in the application of surface protection treatments against crust, corrosion and microbiology.


The Research Institute I.N.C.M.D. – ICEMENERG – Bucharest has performed research and tests of the products made by S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. on different types of water and obtained special results in the protection of metals against crust and corrosion. The treatments performed in the long run in different works and C.E.T.s have confirmed the results.

We have implemented and we keep a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008.  and an Environmental Management System according to SR EN ISO 14001:2005.


applications and treatment programs


The specialists of our company are at your disposal with any information you might require and will analyse any system in order to design custom-made programs which will completely comply to your requirements and provide a full satisfaction with very low costs and a maximum efficiency.