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About Us


Is specialized in the application of protection treatments for the metal surfaces against crust, corrosion and microbiology in the water circuits.


S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. – established in August 1991, it is a company with full private capital, having its headquarters in GĂEŞTI, DÂMBOVIŢA county, ROMANIA. The main activity field of the company is the manufacturing and the selling of the chemicals intended to the treatment of the recirculated water in the chemical & petrochemical works, industrial and flat heating stations, to provide the protection of the metal surfaces against corrosion, carbonatic crust settlements and microbiological developments.

Further on, we have developed a large range of chemicals for professional and household use for the protection, cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces.

Our crust and corrosion inhibitors are products obtained by the implementation in the production of the own invention patents. S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. has a rich experience in the treatment of the used water, which has been gathered during many years of implementation in the chemical and petrochemical works, period when solutions have been looked for and they were adapted to the specific problems of each recirculated water system. The customers have been very happy, because they have obtained outstanding results with costs much below other offers.

In the beginning, together with the water treatment products, in the portfolio of the company there were also other products, products able to form pellicles (primers, paints, enamels, varnishes and related thinners), pigment conditioning and other products for general use.

In the long run, the activities required to the development of a range of products for the water treatment as complete and complex as possible, which satisfies completely the customers’ requirements and be competitive compared to the competition products from well-known companies from abroad, lead to the limitation of the activity and to a particular focus to this field.

A hard work has been performed for this purpose, which has been recognized by the first Invention Patent, number 110225 in 1995.

This was an important impulse to continue the studies and the research, with direct application in the production and in the treatment programs performed at very important beneficiaries, with strict requirements and concrete results. Thus, in 1997, we obtained in this field the second Invention Patent, with number 111792.

We continued our studies and research, and we introduced in our products macromolecular compounds, thus we have developed crust and corrosion inhibitors which ensure a complete protection of the metal surfaces. The results have been reflected by the obtaining of the Invention Patent no. 121862 in 2004.

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The treatment with the products of the company S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. ensures that:

  • The maximum values for the recirculated water which, by purging, will be eliminated as residual water (used or sewage water) will not be exceeded, also for the chemicals used for the water treatment, in the recommended concentrations; the purging of the waters treated with these products can be done directly in the natural receivers or in the sewage networks of the localities and directly in the treatment stations because the recommended doses, correlated with the physical and chemical features of the products, observe the limits of charging with polluting agents specified in the Normative NTPA-001/2002 and NTPA-002/2002 (Appendixes no. 2 and 3 to the Government Decision no. 188 on 28 February 2002, modified by the Government Decision no. 352 on 21 April 2005).
  • For all the delivered products the Technical Data Sheets and the Safety Data Sheets will be enclosed (drawn up according to CE 1907/2006 (REACH) and HG 1408/04.11.2008).